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Nub maduro with a dark brown ale,,,,life is good!
Pulled a RP Decade from the box for after dinner.
An assortment of blends I am now trying. The CAO Brazillia, Rocky Patel broadleaf, Fuente Don Carlos double robusto, and Oliva V maduro. The first two are okay and not bad for the price. The other two are better but a bit over my normal price range.
Just finished a Drew Estates Factory Smokes Sweet. Not infused but it did have a sweetened end cap and for $2.50 it was pretty good.

Earlier in the day I had a cocoa chemist cigar from Zeal Cigars. It was a deep cocoa flavor and over an hour to smoke the toro sized stick. This cigar was recommended by Bradley himself at Zeal Cigars while I was in the Phoenix area last week.
I haven’t smoke a cigar in years. I have a decent amount in a tupperdor and they are all well aged at this point. Grabbed one at random while rotating sticks, checking the hydrometer (needed batteries) and checking the boveda packs.

Mombacho liga maestro, pretty smooth cigar that I was given. Ordered a box of 10 just to make sure I really like'em.
Last night a fake Cohiba, obviously mostly Mexican tobacco.
I had a Gurkha beauty last night I probably will order a 20 pack of these soon.They are consistently good and reasonably priced.
Three today. A Nica Rustica with a wrapper that started to fall off and these two:


Tried the Mombacho tierra volcan in the torro size. It is a good cigar, but I prefer the liga maestro gordo.
Arturo Fuente corona from the PX. 6 dollar cigar and worth it! Well rolled, great draw, 50 min smoke that was full of flavor.