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Relaxing after a wonderful salad, char and snow peas dinner with strawberries for dessert. With any luck, I'll be able to go off my diet tomorrow. I'm half way through this bowl of year 2012 E-soterica Dunbar in a smooth straight, dark brown early 1960s Lane era Charatan Selected 43 Dublin with a black vulcanite double comfort saddle stem. This pipe was formerly owned by actor William Conrad. Community Coffee, neat, is my drink.
Conrad-Dublin copy.jpg
Enjoyed a tasty golden delicious apple, am near the last quarter of this bowl of year 2018 Sutliff Dunhill Elizabethan Match in a 1982 smooth straight Dunhill Root Briar 31051 dublin with a tapered black vulcanite stem.
Off to work with a bowl of year 2020 D&R Raccoon’s Delight in my very reliable smooth straight post-1938 pre-Republic Peterson Sterling Canadian 263 with a sterling silver band and a tapered black vulcanite p-lip stem.
A quarter of the way through this bowl of Wilke Surbrug’s Golden Sceptre in a late 40s, early 50s straight black sandblasted Wagner British Thorn 495 (Comoy’s second) pot with a black vulcanite saddle stem.
Did a little snacking, and am not far from finishing this bowl of Wilke Lizzie Blood Virginia in a straight black with burgundy undertone sandblasted early 1960s Lane era Charatan 420 billiard with a tapered black vulcanite stem. Ice water and bergs is my drink.
Finished this story, and this bowl of D&R Penhooker in a 1990 straight dark brown Commemorative reproduction of the 1890 Peterson Patent System 12393 stack billiard with a silver band and a bowed black acrylic 32 AB long stem p-lip.
Peterson_Commen. Billiard-Stack.jpg
Now smoking year 2014 Edgeworth Ready Rubbed Match in a 2018 full bend smooth Terracotta Peterson XL315 System Standard military mount with a nickel cap and a flared black vulcanite p-lip stem.
Last smoke of the day is year 2019 C&D Derringer in a late 1890s, early 1900s straight smooth brown unbranded billiard with an A&D silver cap and ferrule with a tapered amber stem and orific bit. Fed the ferals, and had to keep Daisy the Feral Princess from being mean to Sam the Scamp. That took some doing as Daisy knows that I don't like that, and she was being extra obstinate. Well, it's settled now, and I'm reading while this bowl lasts.
1890-1900 A&D unbranded billiard_silver&amberish.jpg
Good Morning!
Starting the day with the usual Westminster in an Apple Diplomat and a cup of coffee. Last evening I had Drucquer Casbah in an MM Iconic Legend and a hard cider, it was enjoyable while watching "African Queen." I was inspired to watch a Bogart movie by the posts on the forum!
Robbie the rooster attacted my older brother (he was maybe 5 yrs old). That night we ate Robbie.
I started raising birds and rabbits for the table a little over 10 years ago after seeing how birds are raised and processed for the supermarket. Last year we decided to raise Barred Plymouth Rocks again. The first clutch was all females and we couldn't get a straight run until late summer. When we sorted them all into two flocks we had too many roosters but I decided to keep them until spring. We're in the process of choosing two roosters for each flock. I've been saving eggs to incubate and will start some chickens and turkeys this weekend. We're also going to start raising ducks again!
Easy day at work,which was great because I woke up with back pain and it `s been with me all day.The pain meds have not helped much...
Smoking a Pete Strand with Sutliff Mark Twain,large mug of Yukon coffee. I am going back to bed soon,it`s a chilly rainy day here.
Good morning my friends. My own Tumbleweed in a Pete Pub with CR morning coffee. Surveying the landscape to determine the best way to install the electric fence so it won't be noticeable to the HOA. Also have to reset the bridge support slabs. Damn javelina knocked them out the other night and now the bridge isn't stable. Have a great day everyone.