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Peterson 3P in a Savinelli Trevi 320EX. I practiced my thin shaving technique, and got some nice flakes. Thought maybe they would dry better with all sides in the air, so had a little fun making a tobacco tee pee. Had a delay getting to these, and they may have dried a little too much being a tad bit crunchy on the surface. Cut into to smaller squares and stacked criss cross in the bowl like firewood. Maybe the flavor will improve as the bowl burns down.
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3P’s Teepee Heck Yeah!
Three Nuns in a Peterson Republic 314. This little pipe smokes superbly. It’s like a toy compared to my Peterson Pub!
Just passing the quarter mark on this bowl of year 2021 unreleased Sutliff Black Virginia flake in a late 80's, early 90s James Upshall P DS Tilshead England Made By Hand L185 Canadian with a silver band and a tapered black vulcanite stem.
James Upshall P DS_L185 Canadian.jpg
Wow, you guys are getting way ahead of me. After a wonderful dinner of soup and chicken nuggets, it's SPC Misdissippi River in a Nording freehand, guess you would call it a dublin?, with half plateau top. Had a nice 3 hour ride through the Granite Dells this afternoon.


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Relaxing after a wonderful salad, two big French cut pork chops and baked potato, sweet corn dinner with a big slice of chocolate pie and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream for dessert. I'm close to finishing this bowl of Ken Byron Ventures Mr. Christian’s Brown Flek in a straight smooth dark brown year 1933 Parker Super Bruyere patent 10 T 81/F lovat with a black vulcanite saddle stem. Community Coffee, neat, is my drink.
1933_Parker 81:F lovat..jpg
Top of the morning to all BoBs. Rivendell in a Pete Xmas 2021 Deerstalker. Hot mug of Costa Rican coffee. Watching the sun come up. Nursing a small blister on my left tailbone. Must have been sitting crooked in the saddle yesterday. Funny thing is I'm maybe 20 lbs overweight but it's all in my middle. No padding on my butt at all. Maybe I should get one of those gel pads like bikers use, lol.