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A quarter of the way through this bowl of Seattle Pipe Club Hogshead plug in a well appreciated medium bend, smooth brown pre-Republic Peterson 999 Dublin chubby Rhodesian with a tapered black vulcanite p-lip stem.
That's a cool looking round plug. Quite expensive from what I've seen on a search just now.
The Wessex Curly Block “Log” is about 8 to 9” long when purchased. The cool factor is a 10, but it tastes very much like Peterson Deluxe Navy Rolls, Escudo, or Davidoff Flake Medallions. Just more Perique.
Relaxing after a wonderful salad, chicken legs and green beans dinner with a small slice of chocolate pie for dessert. I'm almost half way through this bowl of aged Rattrays Hal O’ The Wynd in a straight smooth brown pre-WWII (Comoy’s) Corinthian De-Luxe 126 pot made for Sutliff in San Francisco with a black tapered vulcanite stem. Ice water and bergs is my drink. Fed three ferals, and m'lady and I are watching She's Got Everything starring Ann Sothern with a bunch of funny character actors.
Comoy's_Sutliff_CorinthianDe-Luxe_126 pot .jpg
A third of the way through this bowl of year 2015 Mac Baren Virginia #1 in a straight black 1925 Dunhill patent shell Canadian 33 with a tapered black vulcanite stem. Community Coffee, neat, is my drink. Time to clean a few pipes while I watch the movie.
Left the shop tonight with a tin of Haunted Bookshop for my comfort smoke of the day. Fought traffic all the way home, ate dinner, and grabbed my little tin of peace and relaxation out of my bag. Then I looked at the label and found out it was a free tin of C&D Ghost of Christmas Present. Grrr...when you want Haunted Bookshop you sure don’t want an aromatic! The night was saved by a stash of WCC #558 Flake in the second Peterson Pub of the day. Everyone have a good night.
Good morning,
Smoking a Jeantet bent apple with W O Larsen 1864 and a mug of Community coffee, brutal night at work. I woke up early due to back pain, 36 degrees here.
I lived with severe pain for years. Finally went to a new doc and told him my unsuccessful visits with last physical terrorist 5 years ago. He said he is going to send me to his physical terrorist that specializes in backs. PT, in a single session, without laying a hand on me, took the pain away. I could kissed him on the mouth. After 3 months of PT he said I could play golf again. I haven't done that since 2003. They are the only trained McKenzie clinic in NC but if they have one in your area, I highly recommend you check them out
Morning guys. This is probably in the wrong thread but what the heck, right?? No tobacco or pipe report today since after oral surgery yesterday the right side of my face looks like a football and feels like Iike a balloon about to pop. Will be on pain meds for at least a couple of days. Worst part is post op instructions say no alcohol, no hot liquids, and no smoking for at least 24 hours. So no pipe, coffee, or Scotch, until at least tomorrow, maybe longer. So Zippo, plug a bowl of Condor for me will ya? LOL.
Sutliff Whimsical in a Savinelli Trevi 320EX. Wonderful sunny but cool day here, and working on tearing our old deck down. This bowl is part of my lunch break, and my planning on next steps on this demo project. Planning is important after all, and tobacco aides my thinking. Son in law gets the salvageable lumber and is building a chicken coop/ hen house. Yay for farm fresh eggs!
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