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Last smoke of the day is year 1948 Edgeworth Ready Rubbed in a medium bend dark brown 2017 Don Warren 17 smooth straight grain rough top Dublin with a multi-brown cumberland stem and ferrule in the military mount style. Have enough for two more bowls. I sure appreciate the friend who gifted me this sample.
Gave up trying to sleep, so I'm up and smoking year 2014 Edward G. Robinson's Pipe Blend in a 2014 Basil Meadows smooth slight bend squashed tomato with an aluminum band and a black pearl acrylic stem in the military mount style. Ice water and bergs is my drink.
Basil_squashed_ tomato copy.jpg
Good morning gents. Urban Cowboy in the huge Don Carlos bent dublin. Big mug of coffee on the side. A nippy 32 on the patio. Doves flocking to the feeders. Gotta go back to the dentist today. Developed swelling and bruising under my right jaw and chin. Issue is they didn't do any work in that area. It was on the upper jaw where they removed 2 molars on each side and did bone grafting. So Doc wants to look at it. Considering I've paid them $15K I think they should. Lol.
Zippos gifted G&H American blend in a Sav Hercules 320EX. Another big mug of Costa Rican blend coffee. Doves and Blue Jays chowing down on the feeders. Bunch of wrens and finches in the bird bath. Warmed up to a fairly pleasant 37 with no wind. Should be a nice day with a high of 60. Zippo, stay by the fire and stay warm buddy.


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