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Relaxing after a wonderful salad, flounder and green beans dinner with strawberries for dessert. I'm not far from finishing this bowl of Watch City Mistletoe Jam (Christmas 2022) in a very small, slight bent black sandblasted Smokers Forum.UK 2015 POTY Chris Askwith Prince 5 with a tapered black acrylic stem with a flared bit. Ice water and bergs is my drink.
Zippo, hope the cold clears up soon and you can get back to piping. I'm having CS Choctaw in a Lorenzo Old Vic with a big mug of morning coffee. Later I'll have some Condor in a Charaton with Yorkshire tea in your honor. Refilled the feeders this morning and the doves are loving it. Lots of other birds as well, just can't see them for all the doves, lol.


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Not far from finishing this bowl of year 2014 Edward G. Robinson's Pipe Blend in a 2014 Basil Meadows smooth slight bend squashed tomato with an aluminum band and a black pearl acrylic stem in the military mount style. Watching Mad Dog Russo.
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Enjoyed a tasty lunch, and am closing in on the half way point of this bowl of 2021 Watch City Simply Orange Virginia in a black sandblast medium bend 2021 Peterson POTY 4AB No. 182/500 military mount with a silver cap and a tapered black vulcanite AB stem. Gold Star Panama, neat, is my drink.
Now smoking year 2022 Esoterica Tilbury in a 1978 slight bend CAO Turk's Head Meer with a yellow cream swirl acrylic tapered stem. Haven't smoked this meer in a while. I'm comparing the latest batch of Tilbury to the last couple of batches, which went overboard with the apricot topping. Looks like I'll have to add an update to my review. Ice water and bergs is my drink.
1978 CAO_closeup.jpg
Decided to try something different so dug into my stash and now having some 2012 Esoterica Margate in a Pete Watson with Yorkshire Gold tea on the side. This is a really good English blend. Can't say which I like better, this or Pembroke. But I could smoke either one and be happy. Wifey making her wonderful sloppy Joe mix for dinner.
Relaxing after a wonderful salad, chicken legs and sugar snap peas dinner with strawberries for dessert. I'm not far from finishing this bowl of Seattle Pipe Club Hogshead plug in a well appreciated medium bend, smooth brown pre-Republic Peterson 999 Dublin chubby Rhodesian with a tapered black vulcanite p-lip stem. M'lady and I are deciding on which movie to watch.
I smoked a few of my favorite pipes with my favorite blends.
I also smoked this...
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I've had it for over fifteen years. Thought I'd smoke it for my seventieth birthday. ;)

(Also, I smoked both of my "Birthyear" Dunhills.)
Hermit, Happy 70th Birthday!