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Zeno, Kiwi makes a spray called Camp Dry that makes leather basically water proof. I use it on boots and my motorcycle jacket. Works great. Just be sure to test it if you use it on a watch band to make sure it doesn't discolor it. Good luck.
The watch I’m sporting has a NATO style band of Nylon. (No…no Nylo’s had to die.). It’s amazingly comfortable, can’t tell it’s there. Same with another of my fun items…the Stealth Seiko.

I always thought wrist watches were irritating, uncomfortable, and unattractive. When I sat at my desk in school, I took my watch off and laid it on the desk. I also found that when I was in a situation that I considered on the boring side, I would look at my watch every five minutes or so--I couldn't seem to stop myself. Then, when I entered my first year of law school in September 1968, my parents gifted me with two gold pocket watches and chains left by my grandfathers, and I have never worn a wristwatch since. True, during my Army years, including Vietnam, I carried a nickel watch I bought for a dollar. My current watch is a Tissot, which has given me excellent service over the years.

My Jack Mason Strat-o-timer has been getting a lot of time on the wrist lately. Super comfortable on the wrist and keeps great time.
I'm not sure why I've never given leather a big consideration.
I have leather bands for my watches from a company out of Cour D'Alene Idaho called Craft and Lore. They make really nice quality leather goods in general, and their watch bands are beautiful. I'll have to see if I can get some pictures to show. While not waterproof, they're well-built, and a little overzealous hand washing won't cause them any harm. I would avoid showering with them, however.

We'll see if I did this right. Both watches have Craft and Lore leather nato watch bands with brass hardware. Forgive the dust and incorrect time on my seiko. While I love that watch, it doesn't get worn much these days so the automatic movement ran out of juice on the 3rd apparently. Probably of October.
Zeno, Kiwi makes a spray called Camp Dry that makes leather basically water proof. I use it on boots and my motorcycle jacket. Works great. Just be sure to test it if you use it on a watch band to make sure it doesn't discolor it. Good luck.

I’m thinking Camp Dry is a Silicone product.
My daily wearer is a Citizen Eco-Drive chrono...


I have a Longines Dolce-Vita chrono for "dress" wear; of course I rarely dress up anymore...


And a cheapie Cabela's field watch I wear when I won't feel too badly if I damage or lose it...


This is my dad's 40's Bulova; I used to wear it daily but now it just stays in the drawer...


And of course, my grandfather's pocket watch...

I need to stop looking up watches. I see one, look it up, and then am faced with "a used car or a watch?" Not really, but those are the prices I seem to run into with the watches I think are cool (that I'd likely never wear). The aforementioned Tudor Submariner. An IWC field watch. Marathon Chronograph. There is a Marathon GSAR with rubber strap at $1+K that is attractive, but...$1K. I don't really want a watch, so it isn't as if my Evian water budget is actually running into champagne tastes, but if I did want a watch, that's where I'd be. Once again, we older coots are at a real advantage if we started a watch collection a while ago. It's a good thing these younger folk are used to spending $1K on their phones every year or two. $5K for a watch probably doesn't sound as outlandish to them.

Orient looks to be a good brand for the sane watch buyer. The Orient Defender is pretty sharp and only around $175.
I have several pocketwatches, I destroy wristwatches at work. The pocket watches I keep for dressing, going out. My daily timekeeper for the last 25 years has been a Guard Dog belt clip watch. It has been crushed, rototilled, buried, frozen for a winter and it can keep up with me at work. Best $50.00 I ever spent, in my life!

I'm not a dressy person, this is my favourite for going out. It does have a nice alarm feature. It's also about 25 years old.

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Just for comparison. An Omega Seamaster 300, a $5000 watch and my Invicta automatic Grand Diver that I got for maybe $130 over 10 years ago. Still runs fine.
I remember telling you guys I had a clone of the Omega Seamaster but I stupidly posted the wrong picture. Here it is.


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check out that Teddy Baldassarre youtube channel for some interesting watch videos. Younger guy who owns an online watch business, and I think he has an in-house band factory. I bring it up because he recently did a video on the various levels of diver watches. Of course, he's trying to sell the brands he sells, but there's still good information in them.
Not a watch collector but I do enjoy a nice time piece. I had a Rolex in the 90's but I sold it like an idiot for about 1/2 of what I paid for it to buy a nice custom 1911. Regretted it ever since. Then I went thru the period around 2000-2010ish where I didn't care about watches and any old $18 WalMart digital watch would do. Now I'm back to the nice watch mentality again.
I'd love to have a nice vintage pocket watch but I find they are either priced too high or beat up non-working junk. I have no interest in the less expensive china pocket watches that I can actually afford.

I leave my phone at home or in the car when I go visiting as that is usually my time peice.
I bought this cool lighter and watch ring off aliexpress for bugger all.
The lighter is a flamethrower one and I only use on my cheap pipes and the odd rollie and the screen lights up blue when you light it.
The ring has a streachy band so fits any finger I have ordered a gold one with a different face as well. Just a novelty. :cool: