What's your favourite Movie Soundtrack?

Brothers of Briar

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I am really, really enjoying your posts guys. I am shocked at the amount of instrumentals posted up apart from blackys western post of which I listen to regularly and love, all the others are pretty new to me. I am going through all your posts and listening to all your favourites and discovering soundtracks and music that I would have never listened to and really enjoying them (y)(y)Thanks.
Keep em coming (y)
One of my biggest favourites was the "commitment's" sound track. Anyone that loves the blues you need to watch that flick. As Australian is my first and only language it can be a bit hard to understand (Irish)a bit like when I spoke to Zippo as his first language is english so we could have done with an interpreter :ROFLMAO: Love ya Zip (y) I am poking fun at myself not zippo or the Irish.(y)
I bought the lead singers (Andrew Strong R.I.P.)next album called "Strong" really good also.

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