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Zeno Marx

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Jun 26, 2010
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I don't have allergies. I think keto and paleo etc diets are mostly bullshit. I do, however, like to try to eat healthy when I have reasonable economic options. I've been hearing a lot of good things about chickpea pasta. 60% of the carbs of regular pasta. Almost 4Xs as much protein. 6Xs as much fiber. Not chewy like whole wheat pasta. Said to have a soft chew similar, but not quite, like regular pasta. Around $3 for a 14.5oz box (they gotta screw you outta the full LB somewhere). That's around a 40% increase in price over something decent, like Barilla. Anyone tried it? Thoughts?
I have tried the chickpea pasta and it was okay but not great. The common grocery varieties like American Beauty, Barilla are average in taste and texture. The De Cecco pasta seems to be a notch above the previously mentioned brands. My favorite is Monograno Fellcetiti made in Italy. Using water and durham wheat only as compared to an enriched pasta. I purchased the matt and the farro spaghetti pastas and they are really good. The package has 17.6 oz and makes 9 servings. The question is the cost of course as it runs $5 - $10 a box for an organic non-gmo pasta.

Check out youtube and search for Alex and the one where he takes a tour of the facility (Inside genius Italian Pasta Factory (Monograno Felicetti))
. There is a promotional ad in the middle of his videos that I just skip ahead.
Or shortcut to this link: Alex at the pasta factory
I think I’d rather go with Lundberg California Organic Sprouted Basmati Brown Rice. Lundberg grows and packages many organic rice varieties…great stuff.

I love Chick Peas in so many dishes I just love the taste. I have been around the growing and harvesting of these lovely things. Do you know why they call them chick peas?
Have a look at one closely you will see a beak and 2 eyes like a chick.
I've tried it several times and enjoyed it. I can't remember the brand I was buying, though.
Not had chick pea pasta but our local produce store stocks a soy based fettucine that is pretty good and cheap. More pricey than regular pasta but about the same as premium.

Not a 100% replacement but is good for people that can't have gluten.
We just made a seafood linguini with the chickpea pasta. The teste was very good. Only downside I found was the next day, the leftover noodles were rubbery and bland. They didn't age well, (but then, neither have I).