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Zeno Marx

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Jun 26, 2010
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This is one of the advantages of using a two-piece lid. I don't. I re-use peanut butter jars. When I jar up bulk or tinned tobacco, I have a little cup of distilled water in which to dip my finger and run around the rubber seal for lubrication when tightening down the lid. Generally works great, but on occasion, I'm not strong enough (anymore) to break the seal when trying to access the tobacco however many months later. I have a big piece of sticky rubber that I use as a lid grip, but sometimes, that is not adequate. Tapping the lid against the counter also doesn't help break the seal sometimes. I need a jar opener that has a handle to act as a lever, and I don't really want one with metal teeth as the grabbers. So, I'm hoping to find one with a handle and with a rubber/silicone ring as the gripper against the lids. I've done searches and found a couple of interesting examples. I'm coming to the group to see if anyone has first-hand experience with such a jar opener and whether they would recommend the one they use. I'm tempted to get out an old oil filter wrench and try that, but I'm not quite ready for that, and to be honest, the one I have never worked that great on oil filters anyway.

If you got a picture, and even better a link, I'd much appreciate it. Maybe should have been in the tobacco section, but I sometimes get the feeling not everyone goes there.
I have used rubber strap wrenches with good success. It's basically an oil filter wrench but with rubber strap instead of metal. They come in multiple sizes

I am Cathy's jar opener. However. Upon rare occasion I have had to resort to a tool. And we have all the usual stuff. Hot water. Butter knife tapping the lid. Those multiple size jar tools you squeeze like a wrench. Those silicone rubber thingies.

The best for the absolute welded on lid, is a silicone rubber thingie and a large channel lock pliers after running hot water over the lid.
Thanks, folks. For some reason, I can't see your image, Niblick.

I'm really hoping it can be something I hang on my peg wall, or in the basket, by my pipes and doesn't have to include water and yet more toolage. Mostly why I was hoping it would be with a handle, or part of a handle, for the leverage. The sticky rubber slabs I have worked fine until recently. I'm just not strong enough sometimes. That's the thing...sometimes. I haven't had trouble in a while, but just a couple days ago, I actually worked up a sweat trying to get a jar open. That's how much oomph I was putting into it.
I've used something like this in kitchens, for when your hands were wet, it isn't very heavy duty but might be what your looking for? I'm a big fan of anything that mounts undeneath cabinets and keeps clutter down too.


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It is an battery powered electric jar opener from amazon. The rubber thingies really help a lot, but I have to remember to not squeeze with the hand on the lid but to relax it. Squeezing it for me makes the lid harder to start the spin.
Strap wrenches work well for lots of things, and an extra advantage is you could use two with one on lid and one on jar in opposite directions to gain more leverage with the handles.