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Relaxing after a tasty meatloaf and mashed potatoes lunch with a bowl of Von Eicken Black & Gold in a 2004 Stanwell EM 2004 black sandblasted straight billiard in a gold accent ring on the shank and gold “s” on the black tapered acrylic stem. A bottle of Mountain Dew made with pure cane sugar is my drink.
Now smoking Dunhill Elizabethan Match in a 2003 smooth three quarter bend Rinaldo Fiammata Odissea Titania 02 Silver Line 3 Straight Grain egg with a black acrylic tapered stem.
Now smoking Compton’s Reserve #21 in a medium bend 2001 Ural lattice Rhodesian with a yellow stem with white swirls. Ice tea and bergs is my drink.
Now smoking year 2011 Villiger Maryland No. 333 in a smooth straight pre-transition Barling 313 T.V.F. EXEXEL pot with a black ebonite saddle stem. Ice water and bergs is my evening drink.
Last of my Germain’s Special Latakia Flake sample smoked in a Castello Sea Rock foursquare.
...earlier...Lane Burley...now, Sutliff RR Match in a Falcon with international bent stem and large Dublin shaped rustic bowl...Old Crow neat on the side...

Just finished smoking Uhle’s Crushed White Burley in a 2014 smooth quarter bend Basil Meadows paneled horn with a cumberland stem and p-lip.
Now smoking year 2015 Orlik Golden Sliced in an egg shaped medium bend smooth Burgundy colored 1985 Caminetto with a black acrylic stem.
Relaxing after eating the very best grouper I've ever had - and I caught the fish. The side dish was Amish egg noodles. Now smoking year 2015 Savinelli Doblone d’Oro in a 2001 smooth full bend St. Patrick's Day Peterson 03 with a black vulcanite fish tail stem. Been a long time since I smoked this pipe. Small bowl, real tobacco goodness!
Now smoking D&R VIP in an unbranded '70s Charatan smooth straight Billiard with a black vulcanite saddle stem. Cleaning a few pipes.
A third of the way through this bowl of Lane Burley and Black in a 2003 medium bent Ural meer with a lined and etched egg shaped bowl with a brown pearl acrylic stem. Watching a Tex Ritter movie.
Did some snacking and am now smoking 1999 Edgeworth Ready Rubbed in an old medium bend grain etched Preben Holm Ben Wade Prominence B freehand with a black vulcanite stem.
Now smoking year 2016 Stonehaven in a 1998 smooth medium bend Peterson Limerick 69 with a nickel band and a black vulcanite p-lip stem. Getting set to read more of Giddins' book on Bing.
Now smoking the last of my stash of D&R Raccoon’s Delight in a 2018 smooth straight flame grain Basil Meadows Merchant Service "Bing" replica with an aluminum band and black ebonite stem. Thought the pipe would go well as I read about Bing.
Now smoking Art’s Virginia in a 1980s White Pipe straight, smooth bulldog meerschaum with an acrylic yellow cream colored saddle stem Still reading.
Hello, not a good morning for me. I didn't slept well last night cause i had to visit a repair shop for my motorcycle [which means unexpected expenses] and Rocky [my canary] has voice hoarseness.


Danske Club Black  & Virginia.
Almost finished smoking C&D Stovepipe in a 1979 no name French briar smooth full bend egg with a black vulcanite tapered stem. This will end my smoking day.
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