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A quarter of the way through this bowl of Seattle Pipe Club Give Me Liberty in a straight smooth medium brown pre-1920 straight Marechal Ruchon & Cie. Royale apple with a sterling silver band and a tapered black vulcanite stem. Ice water and bergs is my drink.
Marechal Ruchon & Cie. Royale apple.jpg
I'm finally getting around to enjoying a pipe today. I'm on a little deck in our yard that is shaded and has a view of Masterson Station Park on the other side of our back fence. I'm sipping on hibiscus tea and starting a book. Recently I ordered what I think will be a special pipe from rebornpipes, which should be here in a day or two. (By the way, I've found Steve Laug to be a real pleasure to interact with, as I so often find to be the case in our little community). Since I want to be able to enjoy it in the presence of non-smokers, including the missus, I plan to dedicate the pipe to some kind of aromatic. So I ordered a sampler from Wilke which arrived today. First up: Lizzie Blood Red English, co-created by our very own JimInks, loaded in a Barling Sovereign bent acorn with saddle stem. The scent in the packet is very nice, and having lit up, the room scent is pleasant. I taste the latakia, but this is far from being a lat bomb. The Virginia keeps it bright. The blood red orange scent is quite nice, and complements as opposed to dominates the tobacco. We'll see how the missus likes it, but in any case I can see myself coming back to this blend. Well done, Jim!
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Did a second set of walking reps in the heat and humidity, and am close to finishing this bowl of year 2015 D&R A.B. Rimboche in an undated slight bend, smooth flame grain Wessex Standard egg with a brown accent on the black vulcanite saddle stem.
Back outside on the patio. It's cooled off a little and it's very comfy. I'm drinking Knob Creek Rye on ice and the missus is having her glass of Cabernet. We're listening to Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong on Spotify. The second blend from Wilke is 515 Double Shot which I'm smoking in a Hardcastle's Crown bent billiard with saddle stem. Very nice and the missus approves.
Relaxing after a wonderful salad, chicken legs and sugar snap peas dinner with strawberries for dessert. I've passed the half way mark of this bowl of Ken Byron Ventures Mr. Christian’s Brown Flek 2021 in a 1984 smooth brown full bend Peterson Mark Twain military mount egg with a silver cap and tapered black vulcanite p-lip stem. Community Coffee, neat, is my drink.
Near the last third of this bowl of year 2012 Esoterica Dunbar in a smooth straight, dark brown early 1960s Lane era Charatan Selected 43 Dublin with a black vulcanite double comfort saddle stem. This pipe was formerly owned by actor William Conrad.
Conrad-Dublin copy.jpg
Enjoyed a tasty golden delicious apple, and am nearing the half way mark of this bowl of year 2014 Edgeworth Ready Rubbed Match in a very much appreciated 1979 brown, slight bend grain etched flat front Stanwell Rego 969-48 (09) with a black vulcanite saddle stem. Watching the Dodgers-D-Backs game.
Stanwell Rego 969-48 (09).jpg
Did a little low calorie snacking, and am near the first third of this bowl of year 2021 first production Watch City Simply Orange Virginia in a black sandblast medium bend Peterson POTY 4AB No. 182/500 military mount with a silver cap and a tapered black vulcanite AB stem. Ice water and bergs is my drink.
Near the first third of this bowl of year 2016 Sutliff 507-C Slices in a black sandblast PSB medium bend 2021 Peterson POTY 4AB No. 228/500 military mount with a silver cap and a tapered black vulcanite AB stem. I'll end the day with this smoke.
Good Morning!
We did chores together, all the feeders and waterers are filled in anticipation of this 57° and foggy morning turning into a humid 87° degree afternoon! The Scampers are chasing each other through the house and I'm sitting back with GLP Westminster in an MM Iconic Pride and a cup of coffee. Life is good!
Having Tumbleweed, my version of Hobbits Weed using Zippos recipe, in a Pete system B42 smooth bent apple with my 3rd mug of coffee. Zippo, I'll send some of this along with next order of socks. Just need to find time to make up a batch of Urban Cowboy.
What kind of tobacco you add to make the Urban Cowboy? I'm liking the Cowboy Coffee. Urban Cowboy is a cool name, it's one of my favorite movies!