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Half way through this bowl of Ascanian No. 1 in a straight smooth dark brown 1930s (Comoy’s) The Exmoor Pipe 283 chubby Rhodesian with a tapered black vulcanite stem. Had a great conversation with the fella who gifted me this great pipe.
Comoy’s_The Exmoor Pipe 283 Rhodesian.jpg
That earlier bowl with dark air cured mix made me want something with cigar type tastes, so now John Patton Storm Front in the same cob. I have a cigar in the cellar, but prefer my pipe tobacco now. What a nice blend!
Swede, if you like Storm Front and a bit of cigar taste, have you tried C&D Billy Budd. I find it a bit more flavorful than SF.
Went to town t his afternoon to run a couple of errands. stopped a cigar shop to see if they had some pipe tobacco. Landed a tin of escudo. nearly died from sticker shock.
30 bucks seemed a bit crazy. Last tin of escudo I bought I think I paid lke 9 bucks for. Yeah, its been years (and years) ago. smoking it now. Good stuff! Mark tinsky made this pipe for me several years ago. He called it a 'drunken poker" Its a damn fine smoker.

Relaxing after a wonderful salad, rainbow trout and snow peas dinner with strawberries for dessert. I've about a quarter of a bowl left of Mac Baren Scottish Mixture in a straight, smooth brown 1960s Lane era Charatan Special 38 bulldog with a black vulcanite saddle stem. Ice water and bergs is my drink.
DR origin PA with some of this dark air cured aka "one sucker" mixed into this MM diplomat bent apple.This is really local from a barn I was in Friday. It gives the bowl a fuller more cigar like taste.
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Swede, You have outdone yourself with that raw tobacco. We need Smell-O-Vision with that picture! 😂
Now smoking John Aylesbury Scottish Blend in a 2003 medium bent Ural meer with a lined and etched egg shaped bowl with a silver band and a brown pearl acrylic stem. Working on a review of this blend.
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Jim, I’ve been seeing that meerschaum a lot lately. I’ve been patiently waiting for it to turn a darker yellow-orange so it looks like a pumpkin. Lol.
Good morning,
Starting my day with a Pete Watson and MB 7 seas royal blend and a mug of Community coffee. I was able to win another Brebbia on Etsy last night,It`s almost comical -how I keep telling myself,ok, this is the last pipe that I am buying. LOL!