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Not far from finishing this bowl of KBV Verge Engine Overdrive 2022 in a 1970s slight bend medium brown Caminetto Business 134 poker with a pearl gold acrylic stem.
Relaxing after a wonderful salad, steel head trout and green beans dinner with strawberries for dessert. I'm smoking the last of this bag of year 2016 Stonehaven in a straight black sandblasted 1957 Barling Exel 249 Fossil T.V.F. black billiard with a silver banded military mount and a black ebonite tapered stem, durn it. Ice water and bergs is my drink. Watching Criminal Court starring Tom Conway, who was the brother of actor George Sanders.
Enjoyed some WCC Waltham Broken Cake in a MM Stubby and some Samuel Gawith Chocolate Flake in a MM Southport Ferryman. Jury is still out on the SGCF...I get mostly Latakia, Lakeland, spice, and maybe the faintest bit of malted milk chocolate. I thought it had mold on the flakes, but after looking at it with a 20x loupe, it‘s sugar crystals. Third time trying the blend in the last nine months...still meh.CF6F0CCD-7310-4447-962C-12BDF9058C7E.jpeg87C15E7F-13D9-4918-8E0F-746A2AAACFD5.jpeg
A third of the way through this bowl of year 2018 Esoterica Dunbar in a smooth straight, dark brown early 1960s Lane era Charatan Selected 43 Dublin with a black vulcanite double comfort saddle stem. This pipe was formerly owned by actor William Conrad. Watching Conrad in an episode of Cannon.
Conrad-Dublin copy.jpg
Wow, slept in really late today. Had to make up for getting up early the last two mornings. Anyway, good morning BoBs and a happy Sunday to all. McB Burley Flake gifted by a generous fellow BoB in a Sav Hercules 606EX. Starting on my 2nd mug of Costa Rican blend coffee. Lots of birds on the feeders. Whole flock of doves and several blue Jay's. Wife going to a play this afternoon so I will go out and ride Cochise for a while.
A third of the way through this bowl of year 2014 Edward G. Robinson's Pipe Blend in a 2014 Basil Meadows smooth slight bend squashed tomato with an aluminum band and a black pearl acrylic stem in the military mount style.
Basil_squashed_ tomato copy.jpg
Pawing around in my stash and came across some Neuminster 400 Navy Flake. Completely forgot I had this. Sorry Zeno, if I had found it earlier I would have sent it to you. I can still send some your way if you want. It's okay but not a fav. Guess straight virginia is just not my thing. Surprised I didn't like the 403 better since it has ODF, but it had too many rough edges. This is okay, in a Design Berlin bent dublin with Dr. Perl filter, but sort of bland. Earl Gray tea on the side. Decided against riding today. 48 but feels like 38 with very gusty winds. Would not have been pleasant for me or Cochise although he does have his winter coat already. Guess I'm turning into a pansy, lol.
Getting a few smokes in before a predicted snow w/40mph wind gusts blows through tomorrow; or so the weather people say. Line up: SPC Plum Pudding in a Falcon with a meerdog bowl; Mac Baren HH Burley Flake in an Arley Curtz smooth Apple with a partial bamboo shank; Watch City Simply VOriental in a Ryan Alden paneled Billiard with square shank and cumberland stem.