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Take good care of him buddy. Kennel cough us a bitch. What breed is he? Photo? If he 's over 20 lbs give him 1/2 of an excedrin.
I am babying him; he is worn out from the hacking cough. He gets to sleep on my bed until he gets better. He and my female dog are both half boxer/half border collie. Buddy is the black dog; Pepper is the brindle female. They both weigh about 50 lbs. and are very active dogs. He's on a big dose of a powerful antibiotic, Doxycycline - 600mg a day! That's the same dose that my girlfriend took when she had a sinus infection.

Currently smoking some Carter Hall in a small Dr. Grabow Royal Duke billiard. Winding down for the evening.
Enjoyed a tasty golden delicious apple, and have about a quarter of a bowl left of Wilke No. 515 Double Shot in a smooth dark medium bend 2021 Peterson Heritage Brown POTY 4AB No. 45/500 military mount with a silver cap and a tapered black vulcanite AB stem. This is No. 515 with twice the rum of the Basil Rathbone blend.
GREEK INDEPENDENCE WAR 1821-2023 Anniversary

As today at 25 March 1821 the Orthodox Greeks officially started the revolution against the ottoman empire fighting the muslim turks and their allies (from albania, bosnia, tunisia, egypt, croatia, algeria etc) to end an almost 400 year old tyranny.
Their motto was "Freedom of Death" and in few areas that the turks never manage to invade was "Victory or Death".


I am smoking Pöschl Exclusiv Mixture No. 7 (Plum & Rum) and at dinner i will raise a glass of red wine for the fallen fellow countrymen in the battlefield and those which tortured till death in prisons.
Good Morning!
Starting the day with Charring Cross in an Apple Diplomat with strong coffee, my wife made us a pot of the darker Columbian roast. Today's forecast predicts 40° and snow, tonight 36° and rain, seems backward at best. Oh well, cleaning the grow room and hopefully starting some vegetable seeds today, nice indoor activities!

Happy Independence Day @Sid.Stavros and thanks for the reminder of the historical hot headed actions of the middle east!
Good morning fellow BoBs 😊
Today I'm going to start with my all time favourite Hobbit Weed in a Petersons Sports 6 with p-lip stem. A large cappuccino on the side. Mrs Z is just filling the bird feeders, with nuts, seeds, and fat balls. And I can see the birdies lining up in the trees ready to swoop.
Have a great Saturday my friends.
Back from the flea market where I was looking for estate pipes and lighters. No luck today; few people showed up. I stopped by a little antique store on the way home and found an old Dr. Grabow Berwyck author shaped pipe and bought that. The Berwyck line was discontinued in 1970 and author shapes are relatively hard to find. It's in pretty good shape except for some bite marks on the stem. I'll send it in to the factory for a new stem. Smoking some Carter Hall in a Dunhill Shell bent billiard.
Following Zippos lead with Hobbits Weed in a Butz Choquin magnum bent brandy. Big mug of cowboy coffee aside. Heading to the ranch in an hour or so for wife's riding lesson. Should be a nice day but a bit chilly. Sid, thanks for reminding us that tyrannical governments can be overthrown. Have a great day everyone.
Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation Evening Flake in a Savinelli 815KS. Just finished a 3 month period of extra duty while keeping up with about 80% of my regular job. I've really took solice in my pipes and tobacco and reading BoB, and the little bit of extra pay has financed TAD and PAD. Muletown helped too. It's a beautiful day and working on the deck while mama Swede takes care of the grand dog. I really needed this bowl. I wish all the BoB's a wonderful day, and may any troubles drift away like whirls of smoke from your pipe.
Enjoyed a tasty lunch, and am not far from finishing this bowl of Seattle Pipe Club Give Me Liberty in a straight smooth medium brown pre-1920 straight Marechal Ruchon & Cie. Royale apple with a sterling silver band and a tapered black vulcanite stem. Larry's El Salvador Dali, neat, is my drink. Have enough left for a cup or two.
Marechal Ruchon & Cie. Royale apple.jpg
Half way through this bowl of year 2015 John Aylesbury Sir John’s Flake Virginia in a straight smooth light brown 2020 Ryan Alden Ace of Spades squat bulldog with a spalted pecan top and ferrule that’s on the tapered black acrylic stem. Ice water and bergs is my drink.