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    Swollen Cornell and Diehl tins

    Many of my 2oz triple play tins have swollen beyond my belief. They all smoked great!
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    We just made an offer!

    Thanks everyone. I'm actually dreading the move as much as the purchase. I hate moving so much that I normally have thrown away half my possessions everytime I move just so it's quite manageable. I will not have the authority to do this now with the wife's expansive possessions. And of course we...
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    We just made an offer!

    I've been quite the disappeared Brother for awhile now. I had lowered my involvement and even taken a furlough from the Bombing Squadron. I had done this, for those that don't remember, so that I could really really tighten my spending as wife and I and child started looking for a home to...
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    Choo chooing in the desert.

    Perhaps you're in the one place on earth where a person could pop a fresh tin of Penzance and enjoy a bowl without much delay!
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    April Rain of Fire!!! :::: April BOB Bombing Run

    Wow a splendid run everyone. Great stuff. I'm a bit bummed I missed a chance to take a run at the Wiz though. We are definitely at an imbalance I should have enjoyed to tilt a bit! Congrats, OW.
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    April Rain of Fire!!! :::: April BOB Bombing Run

    I'm just as giddy watching from the outside. Good luck pilots.
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    April Rain of Fire!!! :::: April BOB Bombing Run

    I would like to formally let you all know that I too will be taking a hiatus from bombing missions. Things have been mounting on the personal side for awhile and the Wife and I are starting some planning for our future home. With our spending already elevated with our little Elodie and the cuts...
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    May I be blessed to live long enough!
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    Pipe smoke in the air does help alleviate the stench of exploded ordinance! Looking forward to this damage report.
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    Spring Break!...-er of Bunkers! March BoB Bombing Run!

    Me too! I thought I was going to end up with the second wave for sure. I hope no obstacle troubles my bomb from landing today! :cheers:
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    A confession. Forgive me father for I have sinned.

    Heathens! I'm certainly guilty of similar transgressions but I know better than to admit to them.
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    Peterson pipe show. St Patrick's day, Northern VA, OVTC

    Just a friendly bump to remind that this is imminent.