Floods in Texas

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Dec 21, 2007
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Central Arkansas
Back from another deployment for the American Red Cross. This time it was to the floods (ongoing) in South Texas. I'm used to working tornados and hurricanes, but not as experienced at assessing damage from floods. We can't share on-line the pictures we take to verify the damages, but I was in several houses that had 8 feet of water throughout the house for several days. The mold and rot was terrible, and in most cases, the house a total loss.
As almost always the case, those that have the least resources to rebound (no insurance) live in the worst flood prone areas. After hurricane Harvey in '17, the Feds bought up thousands of damaged/flooded houses in the worst areas, but left them intact. In a poverty area like this, thousands of family's have moved into the abandoned houses as a last resort . To make matters worse, unscrupulous realters have sold these and other houses in flood areas to unsuspecting recent immigrants, telling them the area doesn't flood. I met several families (yes, some illegal but most legal U..S. citizens) that saved and gathered resources from family members to finally buy into the American dream, only to become homeless and broke.
I've never seen so many no trespassing and video camera signs in my life, along with signs that let you know if you aren't of their particular political persuasion, you may get shot for knocking on their door to see if they need assistance. Complete with upside down U.S. flag (from a "proud" veteran?) Dogs everywhere, some to guard the property but many seem abandoned and neglected, mange was not uncommon. They own the road and will not move for you. First thing I learned as a Red Crosser was don't worry about the big, pit-bull type dogs barking at you, just talk soft and throw them a Milk Bone. It's the skulking, little, harry, rat dogs hiding un the car that will blindside you, and your ankle will pay for your inattentiveness!
The Red Cross usually will deploy us volunteers for only two weeks at a time, then send us home for some R&R. They are operating 10 major DR's (disaster responses) around the U.S. right now, and their professional staff along with the volunteers are burned out. With an increasingly warming planed (heat=energy=bigger storms) I'm afraid it's only going to get worse.



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An inverted national flag is an internationally recognized signal of political and/or social unrest or distress. It is a warning to those familiar with the flag that things are not as they should be and that there is imminent danger. The practice began with sea-going vessels and was used to forewarn approaching vessels of possible trouble aboard: disease, distress, injury, damage, or lack of seaworthiness. It was a plea for help. It is a signal adopted by many political protesters to emphasize their dissatisfaction with political policies.
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They probably spent more on the skulls than they have in the bank. From my understanding these people are in a cult of personality. Most can’t rub two nickels together that they earned but are dependent on Uncle Sugar for everything.
An old boss of mine was full of sayings. He spoke in sayings. Kind of annoying in a way, but with time, this one gains more and more traction: let those who want none have memories of not getting any.