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Here it comes again:

A piece of twine enters a bar and orders a beer.

The bartender snaps "Get out of here! We don't serve your kind!"

The twine, peeved, leaves and walks around the corner. He shakes out his hair and twists himself up a bit. He goes back into the bar and orders a beer.

The bartender squints at him suspiciously and asks "Aren't you that piece of twine that was just here?"

"Nope. 'Fraid not."
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I love goats. I'm reconditioning some fields so that I can raise some.

This captures their essence. The only thing that would have made it better would be if there had been a sign saying, "All goats stay out of the truck!".

If that sign had been there, they all would have piled in.

Blackhorse, this is a GREAT photo. (The greatest of all time, one might say.)