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Nearing the last quarter of this bowl of SWRA in a straight, black sandblasted undated Comoy’s Sunrise Etched Grain straight apple 551 with a black vulcanite saddle stem.
Now smoking a bowl from a freshly opened tin of year 2000 VaPer Three Nuns in a 1938 straight black grain relief Dunhill OX Shell bulldog with a silver band repair with a black vulcanite saddle stem. This pipe has been dedicated to that blend since I got it in 2002.

Relaxing after a wonderful large deluxe pizza and a bowl of neapolitan ice cream for dessert. I'm close to finishing this bowl of year 2013 Capstan Blue Ready Rubbed in a straight black sandblasted 1924 Parker’s Super Briar Bark 11 billiard with a tapered black vulcanite stem. This pipe was made in the second year of Parker production. Watching the Braves-Phillies game. Ice water and bergs is my drink.
Just about a quarter of a bowl left of year 2012 Carter Hall in a black rusticated medium bend 2021 Peterson POTY 4AB No. 437/500 military mount with a silver cap and a tapered black vulcanite AB stem.

The new little Striped cat showed up, and I managed to get a photo of him/her. Our regular Shy Stripesy never looked pregnant so I suspect it is the little sister of the Shy one.
Almost a third of the way through this bowl of Wilke Hearth of Galway in an undated smooth straight medium brown made in France Saillard Lord Clerit lumberman with a black vulcanite saddle stem. Working and listening to the Dodgers-Tigers game.
Did some snacking, and am a third of the way through this bowl of 2021 Watch City Simply VOriental in a straight smooth medium brown 1930s Wilshire 5 bulldog (Comoy’s second) made for John’s Pipe Shop in Los Angeles with a black vulcanite saddle stem.
 Wilshire 5 bulldog.jpg
Enjoyed a tasty golden delicious apple, and smoked a bowl of Wilke Lizzie Blood Virginia in a straight black with burgundy undertone sandblasted early 1960s Lane era Charatan 420 billiard with a tapered black vulcanite stem. Stacked the dishwasher, too.