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Now smoking Seattle Pipe Club Down Yonder in a straight black 1963 Dunhill LB Shell 4S billiard with a tapered black vulcanite stem.

And the cat adds a perfect touch. By the way, did you know that Monday, November 27, was National Black Cat Day?
That's Rosa, I was adopted at birth by an Italian family so I decided to give all my adopted cats Italian names. We have Bella, Zita, Rosa and her daughter Piccola. We nicknamed Rosa after the second time she came home pregnant, Rosa the Hosa!

Been chatting with my editor at Archie Comics.
I hope the new "Jim and the Feral Pussycats" was part of the chat!
Just finished smoking D&R Penhooker in a 1990 straight dark brown Commemorative reproduction of the 1890 Peterson Patent System 12393 stack billiard with a silver band and a bowed black acrylic 32 AB long stem p-lip. Taking a break from working.
Peterson_Commen. Billiard-Stack.jpg
Fed the ferals, and am passing the first third of this bowl of Sutliff Cringle Flake (Holiday Edition 2023) in a 2003 medium bent Ural meer with a lined and etched egg shaped bowl with a silver band and a pearl brown acrylic saddle stem. Not far from finishing the review. The sticking point is that some aspects of the katerini are similar to that of the perique, and isolating their effects has been a tad challenging, but I think I have it figured out.
Smoking a Savinelli 616ks,Sutliff vanilla custard,Mc Cafe k-cup. As most of you know,I mainly smoke aromatics, The Sutliff vc ,is a highly cased vanilla aro-it`s actually too sweet! Any ideas how I can tone this down a bit? I was thinking of mixing in MB virginia? A friend recommended this blend,so,i STUPIDLY bought 6 ounces!
Mix in a little CH.
Appetizer smoke is GLP Kensington in a Pride along with coffee. Tonight's dinner is cornbread dressing with nitrate free cold cuts, mancheo cheese and scamoza. Probably misspelled the cheese names 😬
It's manchego, a Mexican cheese, and no matter how you spell it it is very very good, especially on pita crackers.
Relaxing after a wonderful salad, wild caught catfish and snow peas dinner with strawberries for dessert. I go off my diet tomorrow!! :) I'm a quarter of the way through this bowl of Watch City Santa’s Sack in a 1960s Austrian meerschaum bent apple with a tapered yellow stem. Working on the review. Ice water and bergs is my drink.
Passing the first third of this bowl of year 2013 Stonehaven in a straight black sandblasted 1957 Barling Exel 249 Fossil T.V.F. black billiard with a silver banded military mount and a black ebonite tapered stem. My drink, neat, is from a freshly opened bag of Gold Star Blue Mountain. Absolutely great coffee.
Enjoyed a big and tasty golden delicious apple, and am smoking Pfeifen Huber Virginia Golden Flake in a 1938 smooth straight brown patent Dunhill R 115 bowling ball apple with a tapered cumberland stem. Taking a night off of work for a change. Watching Nature on PBS.
Last smoke of the day is year 2014 Edgeworth Ready Rubbed Match in a smooth straight brown circa WW2 Trapwell mountain laurel patent apple with a nickel band and a black tapered vulcanite stem. Reading while this bowl lasts.

I let Tomato the Brave in the house to eat so Abner the Eager wouldn’t be bothered while he ate outside. After Tomato finished, he hid behind my chair so he wouldn’t be put out in the cold. I started to talk to him when he gave me a sad look and plaintive “Please don’t put out in the cold” cry. As long as he’s not around my cats, I figure it’s okay until I go to bed or trouble starts. Btw, we put a couple of small houses outside with heating beds, a heavy blanket on top of the houses, and a light bulb inside to keep them warm when they decide to stay here.