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Doing some office work on my front porch with my evening line-up ready to go:

(1) Cornell & Diehl Hebraica series—Light of the Universe / “Or Olam” will be the first smoke in my Israeli Alpha Freehand poker. It’s the fourth night of Hanukkah, so this one seemed appropriate.

(2) Peterson / Dunhill–The Royal Yacht in my Missouri Meerschaum / C&D Charles Towne Cobbler cob (dedicated to this blend, along with a briar and a maple hardwood).

(3) Watch City—American Cut Pljg in a restored Charatan Belvedere Dublin I picked up yesterday from Matthew Hayes at John B. Hayes Tobacconist. The stem is not original and I’m looking for a replacement saddle stem that better fits the design.

It’s cooling off and starting to rain, so I’ve got a parabolic heater pointed my way.
It sure looks like you are all ready!
A bowl of Plum Pudding SR in my Sav 616, haven't smoked it for a while. I needed to fill some significant charring in the bowl. Made mud from fine hardwood ash, 50 % water, 50% sodium silicate. Rebored it before it hardened and cured it for 24 hours at 200 F. It is quite smooth. I will let you all know if it kills me.

Savinell Sistina 616.JPG
Smoking a Rusticated Pete Lestrade ,Capt black royal,8 o`clock k-cup. The ham was very good!
I stopped bidding on that Custom-bilt pipe,it started getting crazy and I have quite a few already.For a change I showed some common sense! LOL!
Relaxing after a wonderful salad, chicken legs and sugar snap peas dinner with strawberries for dessert. Just finished smoking year 2010 FVF in a much cherished smooth, brown straight grain three quarter bend 1979 Becker M 4 heart brandy with a black acrylic saddle stem. Community Coffee, neat, is my drink.
BeckerM_4heart_brandy .jpg
A third of the way through this bowl of year 2012 St. James Flake in a straight 1968 Dunhill Tanshell octagonal paneled EK F/T billiard with a square shank and tapered black vulcanite stem. It's still raining, and the ferals have been extra hungry. They also want to come inside, but not while Molly Danger's in the den with us. Sleepy Suzy isn't crazy about them either, but she doesn't freak out like Molly does.
Enjoyed a tasty Envy apple, and am a quarter of the way through this bowl of Watch City American Cut Plug Mixture in a smooth medium bend terracotta Peterson POY 2023 X160 464/1100 military mount egg with a silver cap and a tapered black vulcanite AB stem.
The rain has reached us, we'll see what the morning brings. Ending the day with GLP Kensington in a Pride.
It's still raining here, but it's supposed to stop sometime later.

I finished the drawing and the ink is drying. I'm nearing the half way mark of this bowl of Pfeifen Huber Virginia Golden Flake in a 1938 smooth straight brown patent Dunhill R 115 bowling ball apple with a tapered cumberland stem. Ice water and bergs is my drink. Time to feed Sleepy Suzy and Molly Danger.
Almost finished smoking Erik Stokkebye 4th Generation Evening Flake in a smooth medium bend 2021 Peterson Ebony POTY 4AB No. 422/500 military mount with a silver cap and a tapered black vulcanite AB stem.

The rain turned to a light mist, and after I finished a drawing I was working on, I looked out the window and saw Daisy the Feral Princess, Tomato the Brave, and a few feet behind them, Abner the Eager. I fed Tomato and Abner far apart from each other, but I let Daisy in to eat because she generally behaves. Sleepy Suzy and Molly Danger were in the back of the house. Then, I saw the light on at the side of the house, and heard Sam the Scamp crying for food. I knew this was going to be troublesome. Once I saw Daisy had finished her meal, and was laying on the couch, I brought Sam in to eat which is something I prefer not to do, but I didn’t want his food to get soggy.

Sam was eating and the ever jealous, territorial Daisy decided she didn’t like that, so she ran into the kitchen and tried to be mean to Sam. Sam was very scared and ran, scattering dry food everywhere. Daisy trapped him at the door, and both were growling. Daisy is twice the size of Sam so you can imagine how frightened he was as he cowered in fear. I immediately put Daisy out and scolded her. I calmed Sam down, swept up the floor, put new food down, and Sam ate his fill, gratefully purring to me. Suzy and Molly heard all the noise, and came out to show their presence to Sam, who is a stranger to them. They were extremely unhappy, and started growling. When I went to put him out, I saw Daisy was at the back door, so I took Sam to the front, and let him out the door. He stopped purring, and was sad, and wanted back in the house, but I had no choice. That was plenty of drama for 4 a.m.

Btw, when I saw Daisy at the door, I saw Shy Stripesy on the deck eating the food that Abner didn’t. I’m sure she came over with Sam, which she has done before. That leads me to think Sam may be her son. That’s a guess, but it is possible.
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After months of trying, I managed to get a photo through the glass door of an orange and white cat that's snuck around here a few times to eat. It reminds me a tad of Tomato the Brave, only this cat is more afraid of me than Shy Stripesy.
Pretty sure the cats have put marks on your gatepost, and the flow of ferals will never stop!
Good Afternoon my friends and fellow BoBs 😊.
Now let's see. Ummm yeah. I think I'll start my day of smokes off, with a bowl of self blended Gimli's Choice in a Parker Flame Grain, Grade A.
Mrs Z forgot to get something out of the freezer for tonights dinner, so I'm debating as to if it's a takeaway tonight, or a meal down the pub. I think the pubs winning 🤣.
Enjoy your day my friends 😊
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