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It's Greek Kompoloi, it's not for praying but a personal item, a companion to help you think calmly. No need to be expensive or swirling it nervously because it's not made for show-off.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worry_beadsAll mine are ''modified'' by me, here is an example of how i make them:


Hello from Athens-Greece with 58 'F.


Vanilla Caribic.

Thanks for sharing, Sid. Great workmanship. Looking at your picture there I reckon you would not have a worry in the world,good on you.
I always wondered about those beads also. (y) :cool:
Smoking a Kaywoodie Berkshire( very large bent billiard) Sutliff vanilla custard/Velvet blend. Mc Cafe k-cup. Very deceiving day outside-looks sunny and nice,but it`s windy and chilly.
I am kind of remorseful that I did not continue to bid on that Custom-bilt pipe yesterday,the older ones from the 1940`s -60`s are getting hard to find.
Enjoyed a tall stack of cinnamon raisin French toast with unsalted peanuts and pecans and a Sugar Bee apple on the side. I'm half way through this bowl of C&D Anthology 2023 in a medium bend fumed tan crackled year 2020 Ahmet Govem reverse calabash meerschaum with a military mount silver band and black acrylic stem. Working on a review of this blend.
Ahmet Govem reverse calabash meer.jpg
Smoking a Pete Strand with Lane LL-7,Bottle of Pellegrino mineral water.
My idiot boss called me to tell me that the alarm went off and the police are all over the catering hall,before he could finish , I said thanks for the update and hung up.LMFFAO!
Have had a very busy evening. Right now, I'm on the way to the half way mark of this bowl of C&D Anthology 2023 in a 2003 brown medium bend Nording 4 rough top dublin sitter with a small rusticated area at the top left, fluted paneling on the left, and a black vulcanite stem. Working on the review. The released date is December 15, 6 p.m. EST.
Enjoyed a tasty golden delicious apple, and am passing the first third of this bowl of 2017 Watch City Deluxe Crumb Cut in a 2016 Peretti's M.T. Natural made in Holland straight smooth brown Algerian briar billiard with a tapered black acrylic stem. A cup of hot tea, neat, is my drink.
M.T. Natural.jpg