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Low Country Rum from @WarneOut in a Nording freehand. Great blend, recovering from Black Twist, I can hardly smoke that today 😫
Just finished smoking year 2012 Rolando’s Own in a smooth straight early ‘60s Lane era “William Conrad” Charatan Executive Extra Large stretch apple with diagonal channel cuts on the lower right and left of the bowl along with a black vulcanite double comfort saddle stem.
Conrad_apple-thumbnail copy.jpg
Enjoyed a tasty lunch, and am nearing the last quarter of this bowl of year 2020 Watch City Rouxgaroux in a smooth medium bend 2021 Peterson POTY Natural 4AB No. 6/500 military mount with a silver cap and a tapered black vulcanite AB stem. No walks for now, and not likely later either due to rain. Watching the Yankees-Padres game. Lavazza Classico, neat, is my drink on this chilly, rainy day. I just discovered that Daisy the Fearl Princess somehow snuck in when m'lady left to go shopping because she just plopped her head down on my foot. I should put her back out, but she really wants warmth and attention. It's a good thing Suzy and Molly are snoozin' in the bedroom because they hate other cats, so I'll leave sneaky Daisy where she is until I get up to get my next smoke.
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You're such a pushover, lol. Still think you should a French bulldog. How could you say no to this little guy?


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Had friends over for what turned into an appetizer and hor d'oeuvre supper. Cheese tray, hummus, shrimp, and fruit. They want us to dog sit their chihuahua Angel while they are gone for 3 weeks back to Indiana. She is a sweet little girl and gets along fine with Molly and Augie. So we will do it.

Wanted something different so it's 2012 Esoterica Margate in a Sav Estrella Non Pareil slight bent billiard. Finishing up a bottle of Tempernillo. Probably my last smoke for today. Good evening my friends.
Relaxing after a wonderful salad, chicken legs and snow peas dinner with strawberries for dessert. I'm close to finishing this bowl of Seattle Pipe Club Hogshead in a well appreciated medium bend, smooth brown 1950s Peterson 999 Dublin chubby Rhodesian with a tapered black vulcanite p-lip stem. Community Coffee, neat, is my drink.
Enjoyed a tasty golden delicious apple, and am off to work with a bowl of Wilke Surbrug’s Golden Sceptre in a late 40s, early 50s straight black sandblasted Wagner British Thorn 495 (Comoy’s second) pot with a black vulcanite saddle stem.
Had a light snack, and am smoking Wilke No. 72 in a pre-1974 dark brown straight Larus & Brother Co. Signature billiard with a nickel band and a tapered black vulcanite stem with the initials LCR on the top of the stem. This blend was smoked by Walter Cronkite.
Larus and Brother pot.jpg
Finished work for the day, fed Daisy the Feral Princess and Tomato the Braves along with leaving some dry food in a dry place in case one of the other ferals come by. Sometimes they will brave the rain and other times we won't. I'm almost finished smoking year 2018 Sutliff Dunhill Elizabethan Match in a 1982 smooth straight Dunhill Root Briar 31051 dublin with a tapered black vulcanite stem.