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    New Peterson Rosslare Bulldog

    I thought I was the only one with a B5 Rosslare! These are FANTASTIC pipes. It smokes cool and dry and can handle any tobacco I throw at it. Still one of my best looking pipes too.
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    Larry, That is a fantastic story. I still hold on to the the first Jost I ever bought-which also was an Old English Supreme that I found at an estate sale here in St. Louis 5 years ago. That old shop, and Harvey Raspberry, touched the lives of a lot of people. I have about 8 Jost pipes now.
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    Punto Oro

    Shoot! I'm trying to Sind a smooth punto Oro Super 320 ks I sold a couple of years ago. The only pipe I regret selling. Glad your digging it.
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    Punto Oro

    Brew dude, Was the one I sold you a 320 KS Punto Oro Smooth Super? Or was it a blasted model?
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    whats your wishlist?

    I want something classic and English from Chris Asteriou. Maybe a Chubby Rhodesian of some kind. I'm sure he would make it nice. Also an Askwith Morta in a classic shape.
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    I haven't had this in years, but Former Cross Grain is definitely a winner. A properly aged and prepared bowl is sweet and flavorful. The tins are cheap too!
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    Savinelli Milano De Luxe

    In regard to the original question, the De Luxe Milano line back in the day was under the Giubileo and the Punto Oro, but above the Oscar, Extra, Sherwood, and Capri. They were standard shapes that existed before Savinelli began to put bells and whistles on the pipes in the 1980's, like the...
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    Sweet-Scented Cake Layer

    I have had one pipe like this--my very first Savinelli Giubileo d' Oro 814 KS. It smelled sweet no matter what I smoked in it. Must have been broken in and enjoyed for years by something glorious. I wish I knew what. I actually got rid of several good pipes after it because they just...
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    Comparable to Lane 1Q

    +1 for trout Stream i had a looooong conversation w Russ O. and he told me all they really add to that is a ton of natural vanilla. tastee and actually tAstes like it smells.
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    "Leeds" Made Ben Wade Billiard

    Oh wow. That is tremendous work there. I have always wanted to find a Leeds Ben Wade. Good Show!
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    A couple of Old Comoy's Questions

    The replacement will not need the C as the pipes from this era did not have them yet. I would like to get one made as close to origina As possible though.
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    If you had to choose only 5 brands of tobacco.....

    McClelland G.L. Pease Esoterica Rattray's (James B. Russell and older) Hearth and Home
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    A couple of Old Comoy's Questions

    Hey fellas, I just got this old Comoy's Case and Bowl in a lot. As you can see, it is missing a stem. As my collection is becoming all things Olde and English, I'm thinking about getting a replacement stem made for this. The hallmark is a lowercase "n" which is either from 1908 or 1928. I...
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    Viking Pipe Club of Saint Louis to meet Tuesday, Dec 17 2013

    Hey all you Brothers of the Briar in the greater St. Louis area!! You should stop making excuses, and come to the Viking Pipe Club of Saint Louis. We meet on Tuesday nights about once a month at Brennan's in the Central West End (4659 Marlyand Ave., 63108) from 7-10 p.m. Our agenda is never...
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    serious collectors, roll call

    I think you qualify as a Serious Collector if you would make a desperate sortie to grab at least one rack of pipes on your way out the door if your house was on fire. So yeah, I am.