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… errands this AM… however, earlier...Lane BLWB...then, Granger...now, Sutliff 515 RC-1 in a MM General...coffee on the side...

About half a bowl of Union Square left so I mixed it with Elizabethan Match in a Tinsky rusticated bent dog. Ice water to drink.
… earlier...Sutliff Flying Dutchman Match...then, MacBaren Cherry Ambrosia...now, CH in a '94 gp.6 Dunhill shell Canadian...



Black Cavendish No 1.

Blackhorse":pd9cb2rk said:
Hey Sid...you’re missing something.  Where’s the pastry?

In Greece when you sitting they bring you glasses and water and you give the order, when the waitress comes you can ask for an astray-extra sugar-pastry etc which means she will come again.Meanwhile i take the photo because the surrounding can not wait for me.
Many times when i want to photo my staff i remove the things of the other aside so they won't block my scene, it's a funny moment because they grumble "come on...come on finish with it...we can not wait forever" etc with me trying to make the adjustments. When i put my cell phone or camera down often they say "OK now, can we put or things on the table? how about another shot, huh?". So now my dear sir you know how much the poor Sid is trying for a photo of his pipe. :lol:
… earlier...CH...then, SWRA...now, Amphora brown in a P&T 2000 POY Castello sea rock billiard...fresh coffee on the side...

Sid - ahhh, reality.  I much prefer to imagine your life as a series of idyllic visits to charming cafes where you sip on both cappuccino and your lovely Pipes...rather than being harassed by impatient relatives.  So I’m going to close my eyes and plug my ears are chant, “I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you!”

Hey! It worked!
C&D Winchester in a Tinsky rusticated paneled dublin, ice water to drink.
Well since my 2nd 8oz shipment of P.S. Luxury Twist showed up this week, guess I will continue to smoke in heavy rotation . . .
DrumsAndBeer":rhlxhn11 said:
Country Squire Bag End in a Cobbit Shire

Country Squire?  My new favorite aro shop.  Bag End?  I did a bowl Of their Rivendell yesterday. Lovely stuff.

What’s Bag End like? Oh...I remember. It’s a Scottish type. Do you like it.
… earlier...PS Eng. Oriental Supreme...now, SG Skiff Mixture in a Davidoff blast Canadian...last of the coffee...

Blackhorse":mrwm2jin said:
Country Squire?  My new favorite aro shop.  Bag End?  I did a bowl Of their Rivendell yesterday. Lovely stuff.

What’s Bag End like?  Oh...I remember.  It’s a Scottish type. Do you like it.
Dave, it’s good. A light/mild English type blend. Not sure why the Squire labeled it a Scottish. There’s no cavendish, no perique. It’s Turkish, Va’s, burley and a smidgen of Latakia. Well blended but miscategorized and described as “for the Latakia lover,” but there can’t be more than 5-7 percent in it.
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