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    I'm Back!

    Hj All, I was rushed to the hosp. 2 weekk ago, still pretty weak, almost died, renal failure, have to go back in after the holidays, kidney stone surgery, by the by Social Sec. notified me that I'm rerired now!!! :affraid: :tongue: Ken
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    I'm Back!

    Im back for Alittlemore tomo Ken
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    Rust inside of Samuel Gawith Tins

    I just rec'd a shipment from Peretti's Full of rust, at least these tins were NOT made for storage, Ken :tongue:
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    Happy B-day to Midnight Blues and Confidence Cohen!

    Happy B'Dat Guys.........Ken :tongue:
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    What are you smoking?

    Even' guys, If there ever was a desert Va.Tabac, Perretti's Oxford flake is it! Full rich satisfying, but not a HO blend. It is very expensive with taxes within the state arouns 40% :affraid: , apound cost nearly $90.00 :affraid: The natchman hit me onto this blend :tongue: Ken Pacem en...
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    Secret Santa 2010

    The Game's Afoot! :tongue: Ken
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    What are you smoking?

    Boston 1776 in my Ser Jac calabash, a very nice smoke! Ken :tongue: Pacem en Puffing! :tongue:
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    Peterson Irish Oak, interesting VAper!

    I have often wonderrdabout this blend, Thanx, Ken :tongue:
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    pipetongue1's cellar

    Ordered yesterday delivered to-day!!! :affraid: From Peretti's; 1# Scottish flake 1#Oxford flake 4oz Thanksgiving blend.....................Ken :tongue:
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    What are you smoking?

    In my SHPC POY[Kaywoodie Prince] G&H's Best Brown F.#2 Ken :tongue: Pacem en Puffing! :tongue:
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    What are you smoking?

    Ennerdale my Ser Jac Calabash, Ken :tongue: Pacem en Puffing! :tongue:
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    Please recommend a Burley blend to me

    For the big boys club, Peretti's Somerset slices, Ken :tongue:
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    What are you smoking?

    Fillmore '07 in my Ser Jac Calabash, Ken :tongue: Pacem en Puffing! :tongue:
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    Secret Santa Alert! Signup Completed.

    I'm in, Ken :tongue:
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    Just Finished!!

    Just now finished cleaning 36 pipes!! Get busy guys there's going to be an inspection! Ken :tongue: Pacem en Puffing! :tongue: